Corporate to Calling


In 5 short days, you'll design a business around the skills you already possess.

Day 1: Your 6-12 Month Vision

Day 2: Transfer Your Knowledge and Skills to Entrepreneurship

Day 3: Create Your Exit Strategy Around Your Expertise

Day 4: Implementing Your Business Plan

Day 5: Monetizing Your Business

Become a Proud Corporate Dropout!!

Build Your Business & Replace Your Corporate Salary.

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June 28th - July 2nd

12:30pm est

Registration required to receive your workbook.

Have you found yourself saying...

"I'm not enjoying my career anymore."

"I want more, but don't know where to start."

"I feel called to do something else"

"Can I really monetize my expertise?"

"I have a business idea, but now what should I do?"

If you've ever made these statements, this workshop is for you.


What You Can Expect.

Regardless if this is your 1st or 50th workshop, you will walk away from this event with steps that you can implement to build your business and begin to replace your salary.

My mission to help you become a Proud Corporate Dropout and create a lifestyle you love. One that is flexible and allows you to feel fulfilled. You can create a business that replaces your corporate income while working from home.

Your first step is creating your exit strategy.

Reviews from previous workshop participants.

Nora is the absolute embodiment of a confident "go-getter" who has a passion for helping high-achieving women desiring to bring their expertise to the online world, but don't know where to start.

Having participated in her Becoming a Proud Corporate Dropout workshop, I was immediately impressed by the energy, confidence, and level of expertise she brought to the table. If she offers that much value and transformation in a FREE workshop, I have no doubt she delivers 10x the value in her paid program.

Nora is the real deal and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to transition from corporate to the online space.


Your course helped me realize the importance of thinking about the future, recognizing I do have a dream to follow, and it helped me put some action steps in place to quietly pursue my dreams.

Nora, your authenticity, life stories, and motivational personality are what made me tune in daily.

Thank you for being an inspiration and piece of the puzzle for people like myself... much appreciated.