Do You Understand How Much You Ask For Permission?

Do you remember needing a permission slip to use the bathroom at high school? I found that process really annoying. My high school had Hall Monitors, and I remember one day I came back from lunch (probably another day of healthy Taco Bell) and I was late. The Hall Monitor stopped me and ask for my permission slip. He knew I didn’t have one, and after a sarcastic conversation, I was given the punishment of detention. 

I never liked needing permission.

Now it might surprise you, but I am a rule follower. I simply question a lot of rules. I’ve learned the appropriate time and manner to question these rules, but if something does not make sense or feels wrong, then I will ask the same one-word question that I have been asking my whole life, which is “why?”

As an adult, I now know and understand the why of a bathroom permission slip, but at the time, it felt unnecessary and way too restrictive. 

… self-analyzing time...I really like my independence, and I owe a few high school teachers an apology. 

Anyways, look back at your last week. How many times have you asked for or sought out permission?

Usually, it’s personal desires that you’re looking to have justified. 

....Should I cut my hair?

….I want a red car, is that too flashy?

….I really want sweet potatoes this year, how does that sound?

However, when it comes to your career, why do you need permission or justification to make a change?

Does this sound familiar, “I want to change my career, but is that really a good idea?”

You’ve been asking for and needing permission your entire life; therefore, you’re conditioned to wait for approval from others before you make a change.

This need for permission results in you staying stuck and unfulfilled professionally. 

Let go of seeking permission and acceptance.

True story: While mentoring a young career woman, she told me that she (and her spouse) had decided to never have children. I told her that I was happy to hear they had this conversation and I could respect her decision. I also told her that I had seriously considered not having children, but later changed my mind, which of course was something I never thought I’d do. 

I concluded our conversation by saying, “Regardless of what you have decided today, give yourself permission to change your mind.” 

There is no law against changing your mind. If you’re at a point where the corner office or Senior title doesn’t sound so great anymore, that’s okay. You don’t need permission to change or want something else. Yes, you’ve wanted that office since you graduated from college, but you’re not the same person. You’ve evolved and your desires in life have changed. 

It’s not required, but let me give you permission to change your mind and go after what YOU want. 

Permission Granted!

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