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3 Mistakes to AVOID

When Building Your Online Business & Working Full-Time

You're about to register for this 3-Day BootCamp, which means you desire to be intentional about the actions you take to build your business. Congrats to you!!

Working full-time, building a business, and juggling EVERYTHING else in your life, can seem like a lot to manage. I'm here to share with you the 3 mistakes that I've made and that I've seen my clients make that slow down their progress.

The good news, you can avoid these mistakes and grow your business faster and with ease. Here's the secret: you taking the first step by registering, now you get to commit to showing up and then IMPLEMENT what you learn.

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You Should Join Us If You...

  • Work full or part-time
  • Have the desire to create a service-based business
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and ready are to take action
  • Have an online business, but struggle to grow it because of your job
  • Want to start your business, but not sure what to do first

This Boot Camp is for YOU!

Yep, That's Me!

Who the Heck is Nora?

In summary, I'm a Business & Marketing Coach, Proud Corporate Dropout, Mom of 2, and an Awesome Wife.

I'm also the woman who believes that you possess an expertise and can share your skills or knowledge to build a successful business.

But first, you must own your expertise!

No more feeling guilty for wanting to change and create a new career. Your title does not define you.

I left the frustrations of the corporate world behind because I no longer wanted to give my best self to an organization and I was burnt out on redundant meetings and reports. Can you relate?

Now I'm committed to providing you with a blueprint to become a Proud Corporate Dropout.

It's time to gain clarity on your calling and share your expertise with others, so you can grow a profitable business and live the life you want.

Nora Luke

Founder of Corporate to Calling & The Proud Corporate Dropout Blueprint.

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