Frustrated with Corporate America?

I provide busy working women a pathway to create a legitimate online

business WITHOUT feeling like you're working 2 jobs!

5 Surprising Skills That Transfer from Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur

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Hello, I'm Nora


Are you ready for change, but feel all sorts of guilt for wanting more? Well good news, squashing "Change Guilt" is my favorite pastime. 

If you're like me, you always wanted it all. The corporate job, the kids, the spouse, and all the success. However, now you're questioning your future.

Please trust me when I say that your current position or title does NOT define you. You are NOT your resume and you're too strong to stay stuck!  

I’m a Corporate Transitional Coach, Proud Corporate Dropout, Former People Pleaser, Mom of 2, and an Awesome Wife.  

I left the frustrations of the corporate world behind because I no longer wanted to give my best self to an organization and I was burnt out on redundant meetings and reports. I experienced every emotion when I submitted my resignation letter, but I haven't looked back.

Now I'm committed to providing you with a pathway that leads to your new career. It's time to gain clarity on your calling and share your expertise with others while growing a profitable business.

-Nora Luke

I believe every woman has an expertise and can share her skills or knowledge to build a successful business.

Own Your Expertise!


My services are most effective for women who are one or more of the following:

  • Ready to break the golden handcuffs  
  • Refuse to be in the same place a year from now
  • Ready to take action even though you're nervous
  • Overwhelmed with creating an online business 
  • Continuously have that inner pull to do more
  • Unsure of how to start an online business


Do you have lots of ideas, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you're struggling to find you "thing."

I might be a stranger, but this call will allow you to share your ideas and receive unbiased feedback.

Many times you're so close to your expertise or calling, that you can't even recognize it.



Honestly, I've never loved the word coach. I prefer Partner.

When we lock arms, I become your partner. Yes, you need to be coachable at times, but our relationship is a partnership.

As your partner, I'm committed to showing up and supporting you. You get to be committed to doing the work.

Only apply if you're serious about becoming a Proud Corporate Dropout or a Change Maker.


Join a community of supportive & respectful women. This power group could be the catalyst that sparks the change you desire in your life.

Inspirational interviews and free training are held in the group.

Are you thinking,

"Can Nora Really Help Me Start a Business?"

I get it. I remember researching coaches and feeling overwhelmed. I wanted someone I could trust. That is when I realized, I needed to talk to a coach, even though I was feeling all the emotions.

Listen to your gut. If you're being pulled to me, simply schedule a call. I promise I don't bite and my only intention is to support you by learning your current situation. Then I will give you resources and options. There will be no convincing on this call; only clarity.